Emerging Trends in Technology

The pace at which technology is evolving is astonishing. The changes have positive effects on all technology-based careers, bringing new and exciting opportunities. There have also been some trends, which have emerged lately as a result. Below are a few of the emerging trends in technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been on the limelight for quite some time now, and this trend is likely to continue. That is because its effects on our livelihoods are still in the early stages, meaning that a lot of research and development is ongoing. Currently, the major applications of AI are in business, used in interactions between customers and bots or intelligent sites. AI is also used to improve data security, increase the speed and accuracy of decision making, and to promote employee training and output


5G network is another emerging trend, though still not so widespread. It provides internet connections at the speed and latency required for the most complex solutions. As it continues to roll out, it is expected to increase the ability of people to analyze and manipulate data across the supported wireless platforms. 5G will present an opportunity for the development of more sophisticated apps as well as spark growth in various industries.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing, also known as cloud computing, is where an organization does not have a physical storage unit within the organization. Everything is stored via a cloud service provider. The software used is also provided by the cloud provider. Nearly all businesses are switching to cloud computing due to the many benefits that it offers. For starters, the companies do not need to spend a lot of money to buy expensive software or hard drives for storage purposes. It also allows easy access to the business system from any location.


Many organizations and individuals are fast adopting blockchain technologies to address the increasing need to manage and secure transactions done via the internet. It offers anonymity as well, something that is proving valuable and popular for some types of transactions, such as in gambling.


Biometrics, which includes fingerprint, face, and retina scans, are becoming the preferred methods used to verify identity. Experts say that biometrics are likely to remain the mainstream identity verification method even in the future. The methods are a secure foundation for any solution that is delivered by an IT company.biometrics graphics


Robotics mainly deals with the automation of routine processes, done using machines. It helps to make businesses less expensive, faster, and more efficient.