Reasons of Highly iPhone Repair Cost

With its remarkable features, iPhone has become people’s favorite smartphone worldwide. However, the issue of customization and exclusivity often makes the user frustrated. In this case, many of them decide to opt for jailbreaking their gadget. Well, it is not a wise choice as it may damage the device. Fortunately, the recent update has shown that more reliable third-party app stores, such as TweakDoor, can offer the best way to tweak iPhone apps and games without jailbreaking the gadget.

iphone repairSuppose you have damaged your iPhone, whether it is due to jailbreaking or not. One of the problems that iPhone users often face when damaging the gadget is the higher cost of repairs and maintenance. If an iPhone breaks down and it’s out of warranty, or the damage can’t be taken care of by that warranty, you should think about paying a bit to have that problem fixed. However, if you think about where all that money is going and wish to find better ways to fix the problem, you have to understand the reasons behind its high repair cost first.

Logistics and Shipping

The first reason for the high repair cost is the logistics and shipping. In so many iPhone repair cases, you have to repair your iPhone to the Apple company. To do so, you have to ship your iPhone first, and it will cost a bit for several reasons. It includes logistics and shipping, initial replacement components, and labor. Apple isn’t just known for its inexpensive products, and that extends to its technical support. If you have to get their parts or send your device directly for repair, you’ll have to pay a bit for that particular job.

Repair Severity

iphone repairYou might not be surprised to know that you can often get the repair done for much less if you take your iPhone to a third-party store that typically performs phone repairs. Of course, this depends on the severity of the damage. Some iPhone damage is acceptable to get handled by third-party stores, but some severe cases should be best to have Apple handle the repairs. It’s not uncommon that it may be cheaper to send the phone back to Apple, but it’s also not surprising that getting the iPhone repair done at smaller third-party stores will cost you less than having to do it at Apple.

Besides the repair severity, you might also want to consider the time duration used to repair the gadget. If the store is local, you might even get your iPhone back in less time than if you send it to Apple. Remember that it takes time to ship the iPhone to Apple, so you have to patiently wait for it to arrive before they can repair it for you there. After that, you still have to wait for them to ship it back and deliver it to you.

Additional Part Cost

One of the biggest reasons that affect the iPhone repair cost is the need for additional parts. If you’re likely to have to buy a large number of replacement parts, be sure to let the retailer know that you’re looking to find an affordable alternative. They’ll understand what you mean in many situations accurately. This way, they can offer some attractive deals with third-party replacement parts. Even though the replacement parts do not come directly from Apple, they will still work at best. In fact, these parts enable you to repair the iPhone faster, depending on the parts’ availability with less cost.

That said, don’t always rely on third-party replacements as your first choice. There are instances where it might be a better idea to discover Apple parts on your own, just like the actual repair. For examples, an iPhone screen costs a lot of money no matter if you use Apple or other stores, so if you’re able to get a great deal on that Apple part (or better